Russian Transport Company Releases Plan To Build A Moon Base

Lin Industrial Claims it Can Build a Moon Base

Lin Industrial is a Russian transport company and has recently claimed that it is capable of constructing a base on the Moon. However, despite having the means to do this task, there is no indication of this project being actually executed.
Lin Industrial Claims it Can Build a Moon Base2
Lin Industrial Claims it Can Build a Moon Base

The company has released quite a detailed plan actually as to let everyone know how they plan to achieve this amazing feat. The company’s experts have suggested to make use of Malapert Mountain that is located near the Moon’s South Pole to build a base. As per the team, it will take about 5 years to build this base and the second phase of the project will be about the housing of 2 members followed by 4 members at the outpost. A total of 10 years have been predicted for this to be achieved.Lin Industrial Claims it Can Build a Moon Base3

According to company’s calculations, 13 heavy carrier rocket launches will be required for the project whereas a total of 37 launches will be needed to carry out the maintenance. The project is said to be completed with $9.3 billion. Head of the company, Sergei Burkatovsky, has so far invested around $176,000.Lin Industrial Claims it Can Build a Moon Base4 Lin Industrial Claims it Can Build a Moon Base5

This company is not the only one busy in working on lunar habitation. Lunar Mission One is also one such project that is being run privately and raised $1 million on Kickstarter. The mission is about funding a journey to the Moon with the goal of ensuring landing of a probe on the Moon’s South Pole in the next ten years and this probe will be responsible for drilling into the surface and collecting rock samples. According to David Iron, the founder of Lunar Missions Ltd and Lunar Mission Trust, “Lunar Mission One will make a huge contribution to our understanding of the origins of our planet and the Moon and will inspire a generation to learn more about space, science and engineering – in the same way that my generation was inspired by the Apollo Moon landings.”

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