Russian Pilot Allegedly Leaks ‘Authentic’ US F-35, F-15 Fighter Jet Data

A revelation has emerged, as confidential documents about the United States F-35 and F-15 fighter jets and various advanced weapon systems have reportedly been leaked to the public.

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), a Russian pilot, known by the pseudonym ‘Fighterbomber’ on the Telegram app, has taken responsibility for the leak. The individual, Ivan Ivanov, allegedly released these sensitive documents on his Telegram channel.

The SCMP report highlights that Ivanov began disseminating documents related to the F-35 and other US military aircraft, as well as drone and weapon systems, on July 2. Fighter-bomber has boasted about possessing an extensive trove of up to 250 gigabytes of US military data, which he claims was acquired from an American company. Despite some content being removed from the messaging platform, a visit to Fighterbomber’s channel reveals that certain documents are still accessible for download. The channel, which boasts over half a million subscribers, has a history of posting defence and military-related content.

The authenticity of these documents has been a subject of scrutiny. Tang, the chief marketing officer of Beijing-based antivirus and network security firm Rising Information Technology, stated that his firm analyzed the data shared by Fighterbomber. According to Tang, the documents “appear to be highly authentic.”

The leaked information includes details about the Switchblade drone and various guided missile systems. Tang emphasized that only defence personnel can accurately assess the value of the leaked documents, as they contain the necessary expertise.

Despite the potential severity of the leak, there are differing opinions on its implications. Some experts argue that the documents may not provide any substantial advantage to nations with advanced technologies like China or Russia. Nonetheless, the incident has generated significant online buzz, with some users humorously suggesting that one could now build a fighter jet in their garage.

The US Air Force and other relevant departments have yet to state the leak. There is speculation about whether this incident is the result of a security breach or simply a compilation of declassified information that was previously released and is readily accessible. Regardless, the leak has once again spotlighted the vulnerability of sensitive military information.

This is not the first time US military secrets have been exposed. Last year, in January, restricted documents related to US military aircraft were reportedly leaked on an online gaming forum, as noted by Flight Global. However, if this recent leak is genuine, it could undermine US warfare capabilities by revealing trade secrets and exposing potential weaknesses to adversaries.

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