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Russian Influencer Sets His $150k Mercedes on Fire-Video Goes Viral

Russian Influencer burns Mercedes after unsatisfactory aftersales services.

Mihail Litvin, one of Russia’s biggest influencers with a following of 4.97mn on YouTube and approximately 11.3 mn on Instagram, set his new GT 63 S-1 on fire, which cost a whopping $150,000.

The video of him burning his vehicle went viral instantly, and he claims to have a solid reason for his action. He says he was very disappointed with how the dealership dealt with some of the complaints he had with his automobile.

Based on the details provided by Russian news agency VC, his car continued to give him trouble after trouble.

He repeatedly sent it back for repairs to the dealership, and altogether the car spent 40 days in repair. After a few visits, he wasn’t entertained properly for the issues he was facing, like the gearbox overheating, amongst many others.

For one of the repairs, he personally paid for a part that had to be brought in from Germany.

He decided to return the car as it was new and under warranty, but due to the particular changed part mentioned, the warranty was canceled. He tried to contact Mercedes’ Instagram account, but they turned off their comments in return.

He eventually took his car to a private mechanic, who managed to fix the issue within two hours. The mechanic also identified some off-brand parts installed by the dealership.

Lacking claims in his arsenal and reluctant to give any limelight to the brand, he decided to set it on fire, as he was undecided as to what the fate of his so-called shark was after he conflicted with Mercedes.

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