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Crazy Footage Shows Toy Cars Getting Annihilated By A Belt Sander

We’ve seen Hot Wheels cars being put to the test in various ways, from competing in treadmill races to navigating adventurous tracks filled with loops and jumps.

However, this one individual has discovered that breaking things is what truly captures the internet’s attention, and his videos of crushing die-cast cars are gaining immense popularity.

Meet the TikTok channel sandingshit2.0, which lives up to its straightforward name. In a manner reminiscent of the famous Hydraulic Press Channel, this platform showcases videos of different items meeting their demise under the relentless pressure of a belt sander. Alongside die-cast cars, the channel features the sanding of shot glasses, toilet brushes, and various other objects.

The most captivating content involves die-cast cars facing their fate. As a Mustang ventures onto the belt, its wheels valiantly endure for a surprisingly long time before ultimately succumbing to the relentless force, breaking into pieces. With a pair of multi-grip pliers, the sander then swiftly reduces the car’s body to nothing but a pile of debris.

Another fascinating video showcases a Jeep plunging into the sander’s path. Its wheels rapidly dislodge, and the belt methodically grinds away the entire body until nothing remains.

In comparison, a Mountain Dew monster truck puts on quite a show, thanks to the challenge posed by its large rubbery tires. While a few videos hold intrigue, after some time, the outcome becomes rather predictable.

In the beginning, the channel made use of an affordable $89 belt sander from Harbor Freight to wreak havoc on several die-cast cars, toys, and random household objects. Surprisingly, this venture attracted over 1 million followers on TikTok.

As the channel grew, it received an industrial-grade belt sander from Penn Tool Co. The sanding process generates intense heat, with both the belt and the targeted objects exceeding temperatures of 200°F during some tests.

While one might assume that mindless destruction would lose its appeal quickly, this TikTok channel shows no signs of slowing down. So, if you ever find yourself able to travel back in time, keep these three things in mind: invest in Apple stock in 1982, purchase Bitcoin in 2010, and consider engaging in the art of recording object destruction with power tools during the mid-2010s – such endeavors could lead you to great prosperity.

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