Wonderful Engineering

This Russian Helicopter Was Designed For A Specific Purpose

This is the Russian transport helicopter that was called MI-10PP. Yes, they were huge and peculiar because of the bizarre method of transporting load. Instead of carrying the load inside its body like most of the aircraft, this particular helicopter carried the weight between its four tall ‘legs.’


It was used as a monument in the Khabarovsk region in 1987. Look at the people who are standing next to it, well, that’s your comparison to believe the size of this giant helicopter. The propellers were huge as they had to create enough force for lifting heavy weights.

All of these facts are something that is quite obvious. What’s the not-so-known fact here? It was designed to carry a big box that weighed 7 tons. The box contained an intricate assembly of electronic radio equipment that was used for jamming the radar and pertaining communication. The PP in its name (MI-10PP) is an abbreviation for ‘Postanovshik Pomekh’ or ‘Jam Setter.’


None of these survived to be in a flyable condition. However, you can find two of them in museums now. Well, what else can you do with these scary giants anyways!

Images via taboola