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This Russian Hairdresser Uses A Hatchet To Cut Hair Instead Of Scissors

Haircut with hatchet Russian hairdresser (1)

Who said you have to cut hair using scissors only? How about using something different like Samurai swords, hot tongs, or maybe even live flames. The one that you may not have heard of is a hatchet. That sounds like an excuse to get murdered, but this Russian hairstylist and his customers think differently. Daniil Istomin taught himself to use a hatchet instead of scissors for cutting hair. Does it work? Of course, it does! He is a hairdresser for a reason, but is it nice? We are not very sure.

There are plenty of hairdressers around, and Daniil was looking for something to set him apart from the common market. He gathered inspiration from ancient stories of men shaving their beards with scary tools and decided experiment with an ax. This was two years ago, during which he has drastically improved his hair cutting skills practicing over mannequins. After building up some confidence in his skills, he asked some women to allow him to cut their hair and some crazy ones actually agreed. Crazy is what Daniil himself called these women.

You think it is harder to cut wth an ax? Well, if you are attempting to prevent chopping off the head, then yes it is. But according to Istomin, it is, in fact, easier, “The ax makes everything easier because with one stroke you can cut as much hair as with ten scissors strokes.”

The infamous hairdresser Daniil Istomin has been showcasing his skills at various events and talent shows for a year. A popular television program “Right This Minute” featured him, and he has become an international popularity since. Ruptly has released a video of him cutting a woman’s hair, and it is as bizarre as you might image (unless you imagined lots of blood and chopped off heads).

Weird ideas are often stimulated by boredom and so was this. Daniil tried various things like blindfolded hair cutting, simultaneous use of two pairs of scissors, before settling with the ferocious hatchet. He has regular customers, but they only let him cut hair the usual way. The showcasing at events including the hatchet is done by paid models, who are instructed in advance.

Watch the video, and you’d be sure why you would never want to come within a 3-foot distance of a hatchet.



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