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Here Are 13 Essential Items Missing From Your Camping Checklist

There’s nothing quite like sleeping under the stars, surrounded by the magnificence of nature. No 5-star hotel could emulate the serenity of camping outdoors. From family trips to solo expeditions, it’s ideal for all kinds of travelers. It’s an opportunity to disconnect with the world and reconnect with yourself.

Though camping is one of the cheapest ways to travel, it requires a set of items to enjoy a successful camping trip. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, this guide will help you remember all the essentials for your next camping trip. Let’s take a look.

1.Fire Starter & Kindling

Without a campfire, you won’t be able to cook meals or keep yourself warm. It’s fine to carry matchboxes or a lighter for starting a fire, but they might not always work. Particularly when the wood is damp, a fire starter with kindling is much more successful in starting a fire. 

2.Water & Water Purification Tablets

You will be surprised to learn how often people forget to bring water with them. You should carry a few water bottles even if you’re camping near a freshwater body. Also, don’t forget to pack water purification tablets. They kill harmful microorganisms and make water safe for drinking. 

3.Proper Camping Attire

A loose t-shirt and a pair of leggings, and you’re good to go on a 40-minute hike. However, you need to step it up for a camping trip. You should dress up in layers in order to prepare for hot and cold weather. Wear breathable inner layers and waterproof outer layers. It’s best to get a pair of 5.11 Pants and sturdy boots, which will last through rough terrains. You should also have a good insulated jacket to protect yourself from the elements

4.Sunscreen and Bug Spray

A cloudy day or a bandana is not enough to protect you from being sunburnt. Unless you want to spend the rest of the trip peeling, make sure you pack sunscreen with SPF 50. 

All creatures of God are beautiful, except bugs. They are just annoying. Take an effective bug spray to save yourself from itchy bug bites.

5.Extra Batteries

Remember to take extra batteries for your phone, flashlight, and any other battery-operated device. 

6.Survival Knife

From cutting food to protecting yourself from unpredictable danger, a survival knife is a handy camping tool. Invest in a quality knife with a good grip and sharp blade.

7.Toilet Paper

For most camping trips showering is out of the question. But when nature calls, you have to answer. Keep toilet paper rolls or wet wipes to maintain personal hygiene. 

8.Duct Tape

By virtue of Murphy’s Law, things can always go wrong. Duct tape is the answer to these unforeseen complications. From a broken panhandle to a hole in a tent, duct tape is the universal fixer you must have.

9.Dishwashing Bin

As previously mentioned, an unlimited water supply isn’t guaranteed. With the help of a dishwashing bin, you can reuse and conserve water while washing dishes. 

10.First Aid Kit

Minor scrapes and cuts are bound to happen, no matter how careful you are. That’s why it’s crucial to pack a first aid kit with gauze, bandage, antiseptic cream, anti-inflammatory medicine, hydrocortisone cream and so on.

11.Trash Bags

Not only leaving rubbish behind after a camping trip frowned upon, but it’s also illegal in certain parts of the world. Be respectful and carry a trash bag to collect all the garbage. Your goal should be to leave the campsite as if you were never there. 

12.Spare Propane Tanks

Pack a couple of extra propane tanks than you think you will need.

13.Fire Extinguisher

If left unattended, a campfire can quickly spread and start a wildfire. Always be prepared with a fire extinguisher to keep such incidents under control.

Hopefully, this list makes your camping trip memorable and not stressful. Happy camping!

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