Russian Guy Comes Up With The Easiest Way To Pick A Lock

How to pick a lock

The Russians are already notorious for their security cracking, and hacking skills. This YouTuber, who goes by a rather triggering name of “CrazyRussianHacker,” has now added to this stereotype.

If you can look beyond the irony of his channel flaunting “safety is number one priority,” then, you may find his latest video interesting, in which he teaches millions of people how to pick a lock.

The see-through lock being used by CrazyRussianHacker makes the video easy to understand. It should be noted that the tools and techniques used will still take lots of practice to pick every lock you encounter masterfully, but this surely is the best lock-picking crash course you’ll find out there!

Locksmiths everywhere are surely rolling in their graves after this technique!

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  1. Kameron bettridge Reply

    He didn’t “come up” with it it already exists, it’s called a lock pick gun, plus locks with high security pins or a weird bidding are very hard to open with this, expecially dimple locks, etc

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