Russian Postal Delivery Drone Crashes Into A Wall On Its Maiden Flight

Russia recently announced plans to start delivering mail via drones. Russia is a huge country and deliveries often get delayed due to weather conditions. Drones would solve that problem. Russia tested a postal drone on Monday in the city of Ulan-Ude, Siberia to that effect.

However, the test went horribly wrong and the drone crashed into the wall of a nearby building was left as a heap of very expensive junk. On Monday, the $20,000 drone was supposed to pick up a small package and carry it all the way to a nearby village. The device couldn’t have failed worse as it only made a short distance before it crashed into a nearby building.

(Source: Futurism)

The only thing injured in the crash was the nation’s pride and they won’t stop trying till they succeed. “We won’t stop with this, we will keep trying,” Alexei Tsydenov, the head of the region who was present at the test, told Reuters. “Those who don’t risk don’t get a result.”

The organizers are still not sure what went wrong but they suspect that the multiple WiFi hotspots nearby could have had something to do with it. We might see a day when a postal drone is used to carry supplies and parcels from one place to another but we will have to wait till that day comes.

You can check out the video of the test below:

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