Russia Unveils A Small Robotic Tank That Can Fire Anti-Tank Missiles And Do Reconnaissance

Uran 9 tankbot2

So, it seems that the Russian military armament is back in business after three decades of living in the shadows. We have to agree that since the 1980s the tanks, Migs and Sukhois and even Naval products haven’t kept up with the American counterparts and as a result, their military-industrial complex is quite weak compared to USA, France and the United Kingdom who lead the sales of high-tech defense equipment. Now it seems that the reincarnation of the old Soviet remnants is in play as Russia aims to enter the heavyweight category again with the pursuit of new military technology. This little tank-bot Uran-9 is an armored drone that can fire anti-tank missiles, do reconnaissance and provide support to the infantry on the ground.Uran 9 tankbot

The small tank stands a full two feet taller than an average man, but it has no purpose of being bigger since it is not meant for transporting troops at all. This tank is expected to be immediately integrated into the Russian army by reaching places where soldiers are in danger, and it can probably hold well on its own as well. Rosoboronexport is behind the development of this amazing tank robot, and it features ATAKA anti-tank missiles, a 30-millimeter cannon and a 7.62-mm machine gun as well. The missiles can hit target 2.5 miles away with 90 percent accuracy which is quite devastating for the enemy armor if such a small tank can bust their bigger ones in a hit-and-run mission. The tank is expected to be unveiled to potential buyers later this year. There has been no word on the price as yet. Check out the video for more details:

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