Russia Tests Explosion Proof Suit By Walking A Soldier Across A Minefield [Video]

russia bomb proof suit

So Russia is apparently at it again. A video has been released by Russian military that shows a Russian female soldier walking across a field full of landmines. They detonate all around her including one close to her feet but apparently she isn’t hurt at all and keeps walking all across the training area in towards the exit point of the field. The video is quite elaborate and we see a lot of bomb shrapnels whizzing across her body but she is neither unsettled by the explosion of the incoming pieces of the bombs. Here is the video:

In the end, she is also presented with a bouquet of flowers to appreciate her work for Mother Russia. But, something does smell fishy here as the huge impact force of explosions is just too much for the body and it should at least be floored to the ground when explosions are occurring this close.
Russian soldier

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin bestowed high honour for the female volunteer in this following tweet. Roughly translated it says that the suit is nothing compared to her will and Russian woman are so brave that they aren’t afraid of stepping on mines. 


According to various news sources, this bomb-proof suit was developed by Central Research Institute of Precision Machine Building for Russian Armed Forces. Could this be a new generation of soldiers who are impervious to small arms on the battlefield? Halo, anyone? Let us know in the comments!



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  1. Other than all the world’s English speaking armies (including Israel of course), Russia has about the only capable fighting force out there. What they lack in tactics and equipment they make up for with sheer brutality.