Russia Successfully Launches Covid-19 Vaccine With Putin’s Daughter Taking The First Dose

The race to develop a successful Covid-19 vaccine has seemingly come to an end. The U.S U.K & Canada were researching for a vaccine in collaboration and allegedly blamed Russian hackers for stealing and as well as hampering their vital research. From months we have been following the updates on successful trials and all the relevant controversies that went along.

The masses of the population suffering from the virus are not concerned with who will bring the vaccine first, instead, when will an approved vaccine become available to all. Hence, it’s good news that Russia announced its success in pioneering to save the world from the virus that almost shut down everything.

Top research centers and pharma giants around the world worked 24/7 to come up with an effective vaccine. Many have already launched trials and are even moving to Phase 3, which usually requires months of testing on thousands of healthy volunteers. On Tuesday 11th of August 2020, Russia officially registered and approved its coronavirus vaccine, giving it the green light to be distributed to many of the nation’s people. 

Russian authorities have named the vaccine “Sputnik” after the Soviet satellite. Russia’s local news reported that President Vladimir Putin spoke at a government meeting on Tuesday explaining that the country’s vaccine against the coronavirus has already proven enough positive results, and offers a lasting immunity against the virus. 

By approving and registering as ready to be used, Russia fulfilled its promise of coming up with a solution and beating the west to create a coronavirus vaccine. Russia announced that it will launch a vaccine in September but seemingly it’s ready almost three weeks ahead of time.

As per Putin, the vaccine went through proper testing and mentioned that one of his two daughters has received the vaccine and is feeling fine. The drug is developed by Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute and the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

The Russian authorities will prioritize medical workers, teachers, and other high-risk groups to receive the vaccine first. This news makes Russia the first country to register a vaccine against the coronavirus. However, some are suspicious about the Russian vaccine given it hasn’t yet undergone the standard Phase 3 trials and might cause complexities.

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