Russia Spies On North Korea and United States Using The Beriev A-50U Super Plane

Beriev A-50U plane

Russia didn’t stop monitoring the conflict between North Korea and its allies, and the United States and its allies. As a part of these actions, they use an advanced technology aircraft to spy on any activity that is going on in the conflict zone. The spy plane flies around the Korean peninsula. The plane is called Beriev A-50U, and it can monitor up to 150 targets at the same time with a radius of 230 kilometers and reports all the information in real time.

The plane also tracks fleet of the fighter jets which are sent to fly over the international waters near the Asian peninsula. The plane, also known as ‘bumblebee’ started its operation in 1984. It was discontinued in 1992, however, it is again in operation now. The radar on the plane has a range of 400 km and can detect all sorts of targets. As these aircraft are very vulnerable to attacks, therefore, they fly while escorted by fighter aircrafts.

The plane can fly up to 7500 kilometers, stock up in the air and can coordinate the work of fighter planes. The Beriev has made flights in the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan, the Yellow Sea, and the East China Sea. The fleet of warplanes which make the flights also includes two TU-95MS nuclear bombers and two SU-35S fighters. As per the Russian government, they were all routine flights.

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