Russia Reveals First Module Of Its Exclusive Space Station


Russia has revealed working on an exclusive space station’s first base module, and rumors are that they will ditch the International Space Station at its launch in 2025.

The orbital outpost, exclusive to Russia, is on route to leverage Roscosmos, the Russian Space Agency, with greater opportunities to venture into space in the future.

The first look of the new Space Station was revealed on Twitter, in a post by Dmitry Rogozin, Director General of Russia’s Space Agency Roscosmos, where you can see engineers are tirelessly working to build a cylindrical module.

Rogozin, in a statement, said, “the first core module of the Russian Orbital Station is in the works, and the Space Station is set to be launched in 2025.”

More like a rumor, the news surfaced that Russia will ditch the ISS space platform, which is used as the space science laboratory. If true, Roscosmos could only do this by launching an exclusive space station for their future out worldly explorations. Although up until now, Roscosmos Director General just revealed a video of building a space module, with no confirmations on abandoning the ISS anytime soon.

“We need a technical inspection at the station to avoid any risks in the event of an emergency,” deputy prime minister Yury Borisov told Russian state-owned news agency TASS earlier this month. “We will make a decision based on the results and honestly notify our partners.”

Tass also noted that the Space Station’s condition leaves much to be desired with reports of malfunctions becoming more frequent in recent times.”

Russia didn’t confirm abandoning its old space friends. However, it notified of making a new friendship with China for its joint space exploration.

They announced building a lunar orbital space station with the name tag on papers “International Scientific Lunar Station.” It will be designed to cater to the needs of future scientific research in space and the Moon’s exploration.


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