Russia Is Reportedly Building A Giant Anti-Satellite Weapon – Using Lasers

According to the reports published by, it has been articulated that Russia is developing a cutting-edge “laser-based anti-satellite weapon” system that will have the capability to knock out the opponent’s spy satellites. The technology is based on a soft-kill measurement system, and the facility is located near the RATAN-600 radio telescope, which is stationed at Zelenchukskaya in the southwest part of Russia. However, the project named “Kalina” was outlined many years ago as per the reports published in The Space Review. Despite this, the recent images taken from Google Earth demonstrate that the construction work at this facility has recently started.

Traced back to November 2021, the Russian military defense system projected an anti-satellite missile system in order to shoot down spy satellites and also to identify its capabilities. But this planned attempt caused more damage than good. It not only posed a threat to the lives of astronauts out there in the International Space Station but also became a prevalent cause of the deployment of 1,500 pieces of space debris that were accelerating out there at supersonic speeds. For this reason, the Russian military has now opted for a more environmentally sustainable measure that would not account for any of the “atmospheric disturbances.”

In addition to that, the technology consists of a tracking system incorporated with a laser that could “permanently blind the satellites” or jam the incoming signals. The previous technology was aimed at the same principle but was subjected to blinding the satellites temporarily. However, this modern laser system is so bright that it has the capability to knock down the sensors permanently. On the other hand, one of the possible missions behind building this technology is also to counter attacks from Ukraine, as the Russia-Ukraine conflict is still ongoing.

You might have been aware that how SpaceX’s Starlink satellites coordinated with Ukraine and “destroyed the Russian information campaign” with their internet services. Considering this, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk stated, “The company could put up satellites more rapidly than an adversary could take them down.” Similarly, Space Force General David Thompson said, “Russia and China have been targeting U.S. satellites on a daily basis, and with China also developing tools to counter satellites, they might be closer than ever to achieving so.”

Hence, Russia is now looking towards moderate ways in order to transform its technology so that the risks can be mitigated and it may become successful in the testing procedures.

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