Russia Is Making Swarms Of Sea Drones

Recently, a major shift in the focus of different countries is seen towards fortifying their drone arsenals. Let it be the US, China, or other countries, they are actively trying to increase their efforts in their respective defense systems. Some are making new breakthroughs in the arena while some are finding creative ways to reuse the old ones. No matter what the case, all of them are striving to outdo one another and assert dominance over the other parties through superior army and weaponry.

A recent development in Russia placed the country way ahead of its opponents and rivals in the field of possessing smart and strong technological weaponry and arms for war and battles. This innovation consists of a swarm of underwater drones. Yes, you read it correctly. It is not just one drone, it is not just a group of drones, it is, in fact, a huge swarm of drones.

These drones are autonomous and are remotely controlled by Artificial Intelligence. All the drones will be programmed to achieve one objective or goal. This makes this technique very efficient and more effective than using single or small groups of drones. Even if one or two of the drones get destroyed in the process, it will not affect the swarm as there will be too many to terminate the goal. Also, the small drones made are not that expensive, so it is lighter on the pocket as well.

These vehicles can go to depths of 8000 to 11000 meters. Scientists and researchers believe that the depth of just a thousand meters is less effective than the depth these drones are able to reach in relaying signals and messages underwater. They are believed to be the future of the army and weaponry when talking about underwater drones.

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