Russia Has Taken Delivery Of The First ‘Doomsday’ Submarine – The Largest Sub In The World

Belgorod, the magnanimous Russian submarine, which is also regarded as the world’s largest submarine, has finally been landed to the Russian Navy by “Sevmash Shipyard”, which is Russia’s largest shipbuilder company. The submarine looks like an absolute blast and would apparently be used for “research purposes,” as reported by Russia. However, according to expert claims, the primary purpose of the Russian Navy in acquiring this world’s largest submarine is to use it for “launching nuclear weapons” and that’s why it is being named a “doomsday submarine.”

No doubt, the submarine would be an incredible scientific feat of its own, having extraordinary capabilities, but what makes it more captivating to the enemy is its inside compositional parameters. It has been reported that the submarine encompasses the world’s largest torpedo, the Poseidon, in its belly. Poseidon is about 20–30 times the size of traditional torpedoes and has an exceptional capability to “travel along the sea floor for hundreds of miles”.

Moreover, the submarine was floated in 2019 for its delivery and was anticipated to be delivered by 2020 to the Russian Navy, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the delivery process was halted. The trials and testing procedures that would have occurred earlier got delayed, and in this way, the submarine reached its final destination earlier this month. One of the big talking points is the design parameters of the Belgorod. As you can see in the images, its design is based upon “Oscar-II class submarines.” These submarines were being utilized by Russia for their guided missile operations.

Coupled with this, this huge submarine extends up to 608 feet (184 m) and, as per CNN, “The Poseidon, which is currently under design, is expected to be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, to inundate U.S. coastal cities with radioactive tsunamis”. Moreover, it has been notified that this doomsday submarine could carry up to six to eight such types of torpedoes after covering up all the modifications in 2027. However, it is also possible that other countries may not be successful in catching up with the operational parameters of this “doomsday” submarine, but they will definitely incorporate techniques and procedures that could give a tough time to Belgorod.

On the other hand, the utilization of this submarine for defense purposes is already on the cards in Russia with some additional features like the incorporation of “midget submarines and submersibles,” which, according to CNN, will be used for “scientific expeditions and rescue operations in the most remote areas of the world ocean.”

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