Russia Has Released A Video Showcasing The Destruction Of Ukrainian Armor – But It Might Be Farm Equipment

The Russian Ministry of Defense released a video that shows them destroying Ukrainian armored vehicles in which they also found a leopard tank. Looking closely, you come to see that the terrifying armored vehicles actually depict civilian farming equipment at which anti-tank missiles were fired.

The two clips were shared on social media and state media outlets. In the first clip, vehicles in an open field are targeted and destroyed by missiles. The second clip shows an object being blown apart, but it is difficult to identify and definitely not a tank.

Experts and keen observers were quick to highlight the unmistakable features of the vehicles shown in the initial part of the video. Contrary to the claims made, these vehicles were identified as combine harvesters and agricultural sprayers. Despite the low quality of the footage, the distinctive characteristics were discernible. The object depicted in the second clip remains shrouded in uncertainty, but it appears diminutive and distinctly dissimilar to a tank.

This release of footage follows the Russian government’s assertions that a significant number of Ukrainian armored vehicles, including Leopard tanks and French-made AMX-10RC armored cars, were destroyed during recent clashes associated with Ukraine’s planned counteroffensive.

Regrettably, there is currently no substantive evidence to substantiate the alleged losses of Ukrainian Leopard tanks. Although some images circulated on social media depict targeted AMX-10RCs, the authenticity and context of these images remain unverified.

Ukraine indeed possesses Leopard 2 tanks of diverse variants, having commenced their acquisition in February, alongside the AMX-10RCs. Furthermore, the Ukrainian armed forces are poised to receive older Leopard 1 tanks. These Western-supplied armored vehicles have been steadily delivered to Ukraine ever since Russia initiated its all-out invasion in February 2022.

Given the ongoing counteroffensive, it is unsurprising that Russia seeks to claim the destruction of advanced Western armored vehicles, particularly the Leopard 2, in order to bolster morale and propagate its own narrative. This desire is further intensified by the fact that Ukrainian forces have previously succeeded in destroying and capturing the T-90M Proryv-3 tanks, the most modern tanks in active service within the Russian frontline.

Ironically, Ukrainian farmers have garnered attention for utilizing tractors and farming equipment to remove damaged and abandoned Russian armored vehicles during the initial phases of Russia’s invasion.

This is quite ironic given the current situation but at the same time it is essential to recognize that the Russian government has a longstanding history of disseminating easily debunked propaganda claims, even predating the current conflict in Ukraine.

A prior example of such tactics can be found in September 2022 when the Russian Ministry of Defense released a video purportedly showcasing a Ka-52 helicopter attacking a barge occupied by Ukrainian special operators.

Subsequently, it was discovered that the actual target was an abandoned bridge pylon situated in the middle of the Dnipro River. Additionally, the Ministry has made false claims in the past, asserting the destruction of more US-made M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) than Ukraine has ever received, as well as prematurely blowing up American-donated Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

While it is important to acknowledge that Leopard 2 tanks, like any other weapon system, are not invincible, it is reasonable to expect losses in active combat operations. However, based on the currently available information, Russia’s proclaimed successes in targeting Leopard tanks appear to lack substantial evidence.

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