Rotimatic Is The World’s First Automatic Roti Maker

Rotimatic – Make Roti Like a Boss 3

When it comes to making a roti, one needs to be skilled and patient. Roti is a conventional staple food for millions of people around the world. One requires the perfect mix of ingredients along with fine kneading and flattening to achieve the desired result. A lot of people fail to do this, however, now we have a robot that can make roti for us. Rotimatic is world’s first completely autonomous roti-making robot.Rotimatic – Make Roti Like a Boss 5

It weighs 39 pounds and measures 40x40x40 cm. It has 15 sensors, 10 motors and about 300 parts that allow it to make baked roti at a pace of 1 roti per minute. It has been created by Zimplistic, a Mountain View, company based in California. The company is comprised of 20 personals. The gadget took 6 years for its development by co-founders Rishi Israni and Pranoti Nagarkar. Engineering aspect was taken care of by Nagarkar while Israni tackled the software side. Nagarkar says that she was so fed up by the process of making roti that she decided to create Rotimatic.Rotimatic – Make Roti Like a Boss 4

There have been some other roti-making gadgets in the market up till now, however, they were not completely autonomous like Rotimatic, which only requires ingredients to work. The device has three containers; one for flour, one for water and one for oil. These three containers slide into the top and have an opening at bottom to allow for releasing the ingredient. The gadget is quite easy to use and can be plugged into any standard wall outlet.Rotimatic – Make Roti Like a Boss 2

We won’t be boring you with the details of how the device works, however, some key points have to be listed. The Rotimatic makes one dough for one roti and this allows for its smaller size. The sensors make sure that the consistency of the dough is perfect. The first roti of a batch takes a bit longer since the gadget is calibrating while making it. The dough is flattened to a thickness of 1.5 mm and during this process, sensors ensure that the thickness is even. Cooking is carried out till the roti puffs up similar to a pastry, followed by sliding out of the roti. As per claims by the company, the final product tastes the same as a roti by an expert roti maker does.Rotimatic – Make Roti Like a Boss

Reportedly, cleaning the gadget is also quite easy with each component being removable. The gadget costs $599 in case you’re wondering. As of now, Zimplistic is busy in enhancing the assembly line and is awaiting the US certification. The company has been contacted by potential device buyers and competitors alike. Israni said, “There is not a single appliance company that did not write to sell the product; we did not reply because we are in no mood to sell.”


  1. Atish J Ambavane Reply

    I am interested to buy this product. Please send contact details

  2. Jagdish Reply

    We are getting it in the shop in Sydney we can buy at Coles shop we get 6 Roti for $3. 00 it is the best way we do not need to have the Roti Maker ..

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    This machine is wonderful. Where can I obtain on, prepared to pay shipping costs. Thanks Carl Durban, South Africa

  5. Carl Emmanuel Reply

    This machine sounds fantastic, where can I obtain one, prepared to cover shipping costs. Carl: Durban, South Africa

  6. Ram Reply

    I want to buy this product, please tell me the cost and where can i get the is product in India

  7. Fabiennesurie Reply

    What is a roti? The real Indian roti has a filling. So this machine maken a flat bread. Notting more than a kind of bread pancake. No seasening no yeast.

  8. naguesh kamat Reply

    i like the machine very much
    which will save lot of time and we can make fresh roti’s during the lunch and dinner and for breakfast.
    please send me details of the cost of machine

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    i like the product how i buy this product can you replay me as soon as possible .and send the contect no. quatation on my mail id

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    I am very much interested. Please advise whom to contact.

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    Hi I am Badrish in India.
    Very happy to see such an useful,easy to handle appliance.
    where to buy. and tell me cost

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    I want to buy the rotimatic , please provide me the quotation of this.

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    Please let me know the seller details & let me know is there any service center located in India….?


    ich bitten sie,für eine PREISSE von rotimatic,
    meine Adresse:
    Im Gäßle 5
    D/72770 Reutlingen

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    What’s price
    I am interested your machine selling
    In india



    I’m really interested on this product .
    Much appreciated if you could sell this amazing rotti maker.
    Please provide me the quotation of this if you could & please
    reply me any how.

    Name of receiver: Ibrahim Rameez
    Address: Nooreevilla / S.Hithadhoo
    Addu City / Postal Code : 19020
    Country: Maldives / Postal Code : 90210
    Contact no: 00960 7781080

    Best Regards
    Ibrahim Rameez

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    Wonderful. If anybody want purchase or want demo please help us

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    Truly a wonderful product. Would love to purchase it immediately.

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    let me know when it is available in Uk & South Africa.

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    No salt, Milk or yeast needed, I dont think this is the famous regular bread?

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    Wanted such an appliance since long.thnks.when will it be available in the markt.

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    It time to buy as people are looking for time saving gadgets

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