Rolls-Royce Is Investing In Polymers To Produce Supercharged Batteries


Rolls-Royce and a UK based startup have joined hands to create the next generation battery. In a press statement, the company said that it will use the same material which was originally designed for contact lenses. The company will be partnering will the startup called Superdielectrics. Rolls-Royce is combining its materials science and automotive engineering experience with Superdielectric. The startup, Superdielectric, is producing new hydrophilic polymers.

The team of Superdielectrics has researchers from the University of Bristol and the University of Surrey. Dr. Dave Smith, Director of Central Technology at Rolls-Royce said, “We believe that electrification will play an increasingly important role in many of our markets over the coming years and by working with partners on potential new technologies for energy storage we can ensure that Rolls-Royce is well positioned to take advantage of new developments.”


The materials developed by Superdielectric are identical to those which are found in contact lenses. However, these polymers are used to increase electricity storage in capacitors. The battery created by Superdielectric stores more electricity by creating electrostatic fields. Studies showed that this capacitor can be between 1000 to 10,000 times more efficient than the currently available in the market. The Superdielectrics supercapacitor will be capable of piecing together the systems that can quickly charge and then quickly give off their energy. This innovation can also give electric vehicles a faster charging time. Rolls-Royce executive Warren East told, “Electrification is an inescapable trend in industrial markets today. And that includes in aerospace, in due course, but it’s actually present today in many of the markets that we serve through our power systems business.”

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