‘The Rock’ Is Starring In An Apple Ad Along With Siri To Rock You

The intelligent personal assistant Siri was made available to us with the iPhone 4S back in 2011. Through all these years, Siri has matured into a much more useful tool, and a lot of effort goes into making it beneficial beyond the basics of weather updates, timers, and texts only. Apple is making another attempt to let us explore the invisible interface of Siri to its full potential and incorporate it into our daily lives.

Apple is releasing a Siri-themed movie, the ‘Rock x Siri’ on its YouTube Channel today. The movie is starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who has revealed no details, but that the movie will be his “coolest, sexiest, funnest” film ever. The movie is actually more of an advertisement, backing up the HomePod, the home assistant that Apple is releasing to compete with Amazon Alexa Echo and Google Home.

The home assistant market is growing profusely, and while Apple may have been the first in the voice assistant market, it is far from Google and Amazon in the home assistant arena. The new Siri advertisement starring Dwayne Johnson is sure to give a boost before HomePod pops into the market.

Dwayne Johnson/ Twitter

Someone, as successful as the Rock, has an insane schedule just to make his way through life. Top that off with a list of “life goals” and the fact that this world is chaos to live in. His savior in this chaotic life is Siri; he is highlighting all aspects of Siri, no matter how tiny they are. What many called a movie, is actually an ad produced by Apple and Seven Bucks Productions, the company Duwayne Johnson, the highest paid actor of 2016, himself founded with Dany Garcia.

The video was released on Apple’s YouTube channel today, watch and see how well it was executed.

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