Robots That Can Kill Humans Are One Or Two Decades Away, Predicts Google’s Boss

AI robot

A former executive of Google, Eric Schmidt, has recently warned that with all the development in the field of robotics, it will only take 10 to 20 years when killer robotics will take over the world. Eric Schmidt is the ex-CEO of the parent company of Google, Alphabet. He said that the murderous machines shown in movies can become a reality within 20 years. Schmidt didn’t seem very worried about this since he thinks that humanity will be able to control these creations. At the Munich Security Conference, he said, “Everyone immediately then wants to talk about all the movie-inspired death scenarios, and I can confidently predict to you that they are one to two decades away. So let’s worry about them, but let’s worry about them in a while.”

He added, “Let me be clear: Humans will remain in charge of [AI] for the rest of time. The other point that I want to remind everyone, these technologies have serious errors in them, and they should not be used with life-critical decisions. So I would not want to be in an airplane where the computer was making all the general intelligence decisions about flying it. The technology is just not reliable enough. There too many errors in its use. It is advisory, it makes you smarter and so forth, but I wouldn’t put it in charge of command and control.”

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, has also warned about the artificial intelligence becoming dangerous and the creation of murderous robots. He said this last year that our species i.e. humans have a one in 10 or even one in 20 chance of surviving when the rise of the machines will begin. It has also been predicted by scientists that by the time third decade will begin, the artificial intelligence will surpass the human skills especially when it comes to language translation, writing secondary level essays and, operating and driving trucks.

However, for the jobs that need deeper interaction with humans, the AI will need more time to master such jobs. For now, AI will only be serving as a retail assistants by 2031. According to Robotic Authors, 2049 will be the year when we will get most of the highly acclaimed novels. It will also take more than three decades for the robots to be functioning as autonomous surgeons. The US officials have their attention on the developments that are being carried out in the field of AI all over the world. China has made the most advancements in the field so far. The Chinese want to become the global leader in the field of AI and robotics by the year 2030.

Schmidt said, “It’s a national program. As I understand, what that means in China is that there will be hundreds of thousands of engineers produced and trained in this. There is no analogous United States or European doctrine, and we need to have one.” Schmidt said that China is expected to beat America in the field of AI. If the US wants to stay in the leads, it has to launch a national initiative on artificial intelligence and consider making changes to its immigration policy as well. He also said that the US needs to ‘get its act together‘ if the country really wants to keep up with other nations in the field of AI and robots, which is most certainly the future of defense and commercial sectors.

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