Robotic Farm Workers Will Soon Take Over Farming Tasks

Robots at farm 2

Robotics has advanced a lot in the past few decades and nowadays, we are witnessing the dawn of a new era where robots are being introduced that will take over all the hard work and labor. Hence, providing us with a comfortable lifestyle.
Robots at farm 4However, there is a downside to this whole situation; people will end up losing their jobs. Don’t you think so? Although this will result in loss of jobs at first, but if you look at it closely, this is a way to achieve better yields for smaller farms and to come up with better production. The key idea here is to enable farmers to compete with other farms.

Robots at farm 3We have an array of robots that are capable of performing out in the fields and take over the jobs from humans. These robots include; mini helicopters which help in crop dusting and small tanks which can pluck berries. We also have robots which are able to trim grape vines and on a very serious note, what else can you ask from your robot? Keeping in mind how many of these tasks are being carried out by robots soon enough, there will come a moment when all the assignments on a farm shall be taken care of by robots.

UK parliament has seen the writing on the wall and is accepting the fact instead of running away from it. In fact the British Parliament has come up with the ‘Agri-tech’ strategy which will have a budget of $263 million and aims to begin commercialization of robots to be used in agriculture and to keep farmers up-to-date with new trends. The commission believes that this might be a good news for the individual farmers who are hardly making any profit as of now.

Robots at farmFingers crossed for how this revolution pans out but what we know for sure is that unless farmers evolve during this, they won’t be able to keep up with the competition that will soon follow agriculture.

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  1. Aqsa Ali Reply

    nice but i think poor former can not able to buy these will take a much time to take over our farms,

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