Robomart Introduces Self-Driving Convenience Stores On Wheels

Autonomous cars have made our lives easier and have made commuting from one place to another a simple task. But, how cool would it be if we didn’t have to commute in the first place and have the convenience stores come to us instead? It might now be possible as Robomart unveiled its driverless, electric, mobile market at the CES.

These convenience stores on wheels deliver groceries on demand and allow the customers to choose their own fresh produce without having to preorder it and it only costs a fraction of what a conventional delivery service costs. Many of the supermarkets have started delivery services in order to compete with the online grocery sites.

(Source: New Atlas)

There are some limitations to this as fresh items make up 60% of the grocery sales. But, people only order them 5 % of the time to be delivered as they prefer to choose the items themselves and to not be picked out by strangers, and delivery services can sometimes be expensive.

Robomart has found a solution to this problem in the form of an autonomous market vehicle based on Nvidia’s level 5 autonomy. Customers use a smartphone app to summon the vehicle and when it shows up at the curb, they can unlock the door to select the products they want. The checkout-free technology adds up the bill and sends a receipt.

(Source: New Atlas)

Robomart is not only five times cheaper than conventional delivery services but is environment-friendly as well according to the company. According to a marketing research, 65% of US women aged from 26 to 44 would order a Robomart more than once a week.

The company has already finished the first prototype and is seeking an Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit from California’s DMV. You can take a look at the convenience store on wheels in the video below:


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