Robbers Steal 300 Million Dollars From A UK Bank By Copying The Story Of A Hollywood Movie

300 million dollar heist4

They come disguised, move stealthily/or hold the staff hostage, comfortably overpower the few security guards, force them to show the vault. They disable the elevator and run down through it, do some sci-fiction hocus pocus on the vault door, loot 300 million $ and then be on their way to the Bahamas. No, it’s not a scene from the Italian job, Bonnie and the Cloud,  or any other half-cooked heist movie. It is a recent high profile burglary done in London that was executed so professionally that we cannot help being curious about how it was managed. These pictures reveal how the six culprits managed to get inside the high-security complex and loot all the valuables from the most secure vault in the area.

First they paralyzed the elevator system and found their way to the basement.

300 million dollar heist2

The security door next was simple enough to be handled.

300 million dollar heist8

Behold, the giant vault door with multiple locks and security systems

300 million dollar heist3

Astonishingly, they didn’t even try to mess with it; they simply drilled a hole through the concrete wall next to it.

300 million dollar heist5

The dimensions of the hole were 18×10 inches. Big enough for a fully grown man.

300 million dollar heist4

Then they emptied the bank’s vault of all its jewels and hard cash. Almost 300 million $ were looted in this single attempt.

300 million dollar heist7

The police have no concrete leads as of yet, but they now have a fair idea of how the heist was undertaken.  It is almost enjoying to watch the robbery because of the super villain tactics being used, but it isn’t so because of the 180 million pounds worth of possessions being lost. We hope the police catch them soon enough, but the whole act is quite suspicious in nature and many believe inside help must have been there.

Take a look at some of the footage captured by CCTV cameras. As you can see, there is not much, and the poor detective seems under a lot of pressure.

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