Rivian Just Managed To Break Infotainment Systems With A ‘Fat Finger’ OTA Update

Over-the-air updates (OTA) have become the automotive industry’s cutting-edge tool, allowing manufacturers to enhance and monetize vehicles remotely. However, as Chevrolet recently experienced with its Colorado pickups, the enthusiasm surrounding this technology can sometimes backfire. Now, Rivian, a rising star in the electric vehicle (EV) market, finds itself facing a similar predicament after an OTA update inadvertently bricked the infotainment systems of numerous vehicles.

Blaming the mishap on a “fat finger” mistake during the software upload, Rivian took to the company’s subreddit to explain the issue. Owners expressed a mix of sympathy, typical of the tight-knit EV community, and frustration. While most affected vehicles remain drivable, many report complete or partial failures of the main infotainment screen and instrument cluster, leaving essential features like the speedometer, climate control, and range readout nonfunctional.

A Rivian representative on Reddit did not provide a timeline for a fix, stating that impacted customers would be contacted for resolution options, potentially requiring physical repairs. Some owners were reassured by customer service, being told their vehicles were safe to drive if certain features like the speedometer were functional; otherwise, they would be provided with rentals.

Despite a few sympathetic responses, the overarching sentiment among affected owners is one of significant concern. Questions arise about Rivian’s testing procedures, especially given its backing by Amazon. How did an error of this magnitude occur without thorough testing, and why wasn’t there a failsafe mechanism to catch such mistakes?

Many owners are in a precarious situation, their vehicles and SUVs trapped without essential features since there hasn’t been a prompt fix. Incidents such as this highlight the difficulties manufacturers have in striking a balance between innovation and customer expectations for dependability and safety as the EV market continues to grow. As of this writing, owners are anxiously expecting a resolution, and the automotive community is doubting the reliability of the OTA update procedure because Rivian has not released any updates on the matter. We are waiting for Rivian’s response after contacting them for more details.

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