Rivian Has Finally Rolled Out Its Electric Truck – And It Is Looking Pretty Good

Electric vehicles are coming into the automobile industry at an impressively fast pace, and everyone is enjoying the transition. There are companies that have been working on their models and designs for a long time, keeping the audience and car enthusiasts waiting. It is safe to say that these marvelous models are worth the wait.

For the past three years, Rivian has announced that they are working on bringing an electric truck to the industry. people have been eager to see this model on the electric operations side ever since and now it is finally out. 

Earlier in 2018, RJ Scaringe, the CEO of Rivian exhibited the prototype of an all-electric pickup truck and SUV. Following this event, there have been more promotional videos brought by the company regarding the model but nothing substantial was introduced. Now, as Scaringe tweeted, the company is bringing the model for customers after three years.  

There are 30,000 people who acted as early adapters and have pre-booked the model. The deliveries are now expected to begin without any further delays. InsideEVs reported earlier in this year that the order of deliveries was not on a first come first serve basis. It also considered the factor of choice of color, model, and the location of the customer. The blue models are most likely to be delivered first.

 These trucks are assembled in Normal, Illinois. This might make the customers think that there must be a Hyper option for the model as well. However, this is not the case. The premises was set up in 1988 for making gasoline-powered cars for a joint venture between Mitsubishi and Chrysler until 1995 and then served Mitsubishi till 2016. Rivian bought this facility in 2017.

During this process, Jeff Bezos was nowhere to be seen. Earlier, he had backed the company financially and is also waiting for the delivery of custom-designed carbon neutral delivery trucks now for Amazon. Rivian’s deadline for this is 2030 and it has to deliver 100,000 of these trucks. This will expand into more product lines as well.

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