This Is How Tyre Dealers Remould Old Tyres And Sell Them As New Again

There is only one way to get rid of a tire; throw it in the junkyard or work it down the road if no one is looking. The poor tires remain there for decades, decaying and rotting away very slowly since they can’t be decomposed that easily by the environment. Now tires are quite expensive, and they cost hundreds of dollars each time they are bought. Isn’t there something we can do to reuse them? Yes, there is! The relatively new processes of making ‘Retread or remolded tires’ are now being used by manufacturers to replace the worn-out tread on used tires. According to the manufacturers, the retreading can save us more than 80% on each tire. Undoubtedly, it is unarguably a financially attractive deal for vehicle owners who are forced to buy new tires year in, year out.

remolding tires

Source: Crooked Brain

Here is the video of this intriguingly useful process.

The process starts with a close inspection of the tires for any cracks or other bits of lasting damage. Afterwards, a grinding machine grinds the tires to make them completely smooth. Next, a balancing maneuver is done to ensure that the tires are balanced from all angles. Once a thorough check for any defects is done again, a robust rubber coating is added on the top. A technician works its way to ensure that the tire is usable and up to the required size. Rollers are then used to permanently paste the new layer on top of the tire to improve its adhesiveness.

remolding tires4 remolding tires2

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Now the new layer is a bit of concern for many since it may peel off the tire in not-so-extraordinary circumstances. This kind of failure can cause a dangerous accident, especially at high speeds or uneven terrains. The tire remolding companies resolve it by adding steel cables around the surface to give it the appearance of a rubber beam.

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