Repairman From Turkey Has A Collection Of Over 1000 Antique Cellphones

Have a look at this amazing collection to get an idea of how outdated and conventional mobile phones were before the arrival of the smartphone era. The mobile-phone repairman from Turkey has every famous and iconic cell-phone model from the past. And it is as impressive as it’s fun to watch!

Thinking of today’s generation, they don’t even know how these marvels worked with pushing several buttons, and they might find these devices boring and incapable, but little do they know the importance they have in our hearts. One of the most fun parts was inconvenient texting!

Sehabettin from Turkey is one of the cell phone enthusiasts from the past. And started working in the repairing field as he found himself much interested in working with these handheld devices. Some of us could relate to his love for these older models as there are plenty of people who love saving such collections for keepsakes.

Sehabittin’s collection of these conventional cell-phones contain more than a thousand different models. It includes phones like Nokia 3310 and Motorola Razr V3, along with other classic and iconic models.

Ozcelik, while explaining his collection to a news agency Anadolu said that he started doing cell-phone repairing jobs as he attracted much interest in the field. He initiated his collection after realizing how soon these phone models will be obsolete from the market and would be rare.

His passion for cell-phones made him build this marvelous collection that is now dear to his heart. All of the traditional cell-phones lying in his collection work just fine. However, they are unique as their manufacturing stopped years ago.

The guy has saved his much worthy collection of cell-phones at his home. And keeps them safe and secure. A couple of years earlier, he faced a burglary event, and nearly half of his collected phones were taken away, and the guy couldn’t do anything but to see them go sadly.

He started to save these traditional cell-phones twenty years ago. And the collection holds a special place in his heart. The guy even received offers for some of the iconic models in good shape, but he refused to do so, as he plans to enhance his collection and not just sell them away.

The proud collector said all cell-phone models are rare and very valuable. Some buyers reached me and wanted to buy some, but I clearly didn’t want to sell. It is hard to keep them alive, but I want them to stay in the best condition as much as possible.

The fun part about these old cell-phones is that Sehabittin is not the only one who loves collecting these. Back in 2017, a guy named Stefan Polgari from Slovakia had a great collection of 1231 various cell phones. And there are plenty of others who love to do the same!

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