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Renegade Russian Robot Escapes From The Lab And Disrupts The Traffic For 40 Minutes

It is the bot’s day out. An escaped robot from the Promobot lab in Russia caused traffic jams in the city. The robot was at large for around 40 minutes.

The city of Perm in Russia experienced an exciting frenzy when one of the robots escaped from the research lab of the company named Promobot. The robot, named after the company, was being taught independent movement, and the scientists were carrying out tests on the robot.


Image Source: The Sun


The incident occurred due to a slight mistake of an engineer who forgot to shut the doors of the testing area. Promobot seized the chance and left the compound to explore the city on its own. It was not until a quarter of an hour later that the engineers noticed the missing bot and went out on search.

Promobot’s excursion was cut short when the battery of the bot ran out, and it ended up causing a traffic jam. The Police were called to help with the situation. Shortly afterward, an engineer from the Promobot wheeled the bot away.


Image Source: The Sun


Although the company has claimed the incident to be a simple act of negligence, others believe it to be a promotional stunt for Promobot. The company has released a statement asserting that it will shift to another location to ensure that no such accident occurred in future.

The city of Perm has already deployed a Promobot in the Coliseum shopping center. See the video of the robot’s foray into the city below: