Renault’s New Kwid SUV Comes With A Quadcopter Drone

Renault Conceptual Design for Kwid

We have talked about cars and we have talked about drones. We have covered quadcopters and we have covered how they are being tweaked! However, what we are going to cover today is something that is totally new and futuristic.
Renault-KwidRenault has come up with a new concept car and this car is nothing like the cars we have seen so far. The car comes equipped with a quadcopter that is capable of flying and is launched from the roof of car.

Kwid's Flying CompanionThe car is known as ‘Kwid’ while the quadcopter is being referred to as ‘Flying Companion’ by Renault. The Flying Companion is capable of autonomous flights while also allowing the user to control it manually by employing a tablet which can be found in the car’s dashboard. The key idea behind the quadcopter is to take flight and warn the driver about possible traffic jams so that the user may travel without getting caught in rush. The quadcopter is capable of rendering live video feed back to the car – time to feel like James Bond, don’t you think?

Kwid 2Kwid made its first debut at 2014 New Dehli Auto Expo. The car is essentially a SUV vehicle which can be classified as small but it comes equipped with a number of futuristic features and some really cool gizmos. According to Renault, it would fare quite well on Indian highways. The interior work for the Kwid is something that Renault can boast about and compliments the Flying Companion feature of the car.

Kwid interiorThe car comes with a 1.2 liter turbo-charged engine and is front wheel drive while sporting a classy wheel with the tablet situated on left to the steering wheel. However, the car is still just a concept and as of now, we have no word regarding when this car shall turn into a reality – Although we would love to get our hands on a car that allows us to control a quadcopter!

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