Renault’s EZ Ultimo Is A Self-Driving Ultra-Luxury Lounge

Renault announced its latest edition from its Robo-vehicle concepts, the EZ Ultimo. Renault’s EZ-Ultimo is the ultimate self-driving vehicle combining luxury and automation to give the ultimate experience.

“Inspired by contemporary architecture and completely integrated in future smart cities, EZ-Ultimo will provide an exclusive experience for all,”

Laurens Van Den Acker, Renault’s senior vice-president of corporate design, said.

The all-electric Renault EZ-Ultimo is the third edition in the “robo-vehicle” concepts by Renault, the other two being  EZ-Go and EZ-Pro.

Van den Acker acknowledged that a luxury car did not quite go with Renault’s reputation for creating affordable cars designed for the masses. But he said that Renault envisions that the car may be used for rent by private customers for short periods of time or a luxury shuttle for guests at Airports and hotels.

“We’re not a premium brand, but we had a chance to make luxury accessible.”

He said.

Renault’s director of concept cars explained that the EZ-Ultimo design team was influenced by the horse-drawn carriages of 18th and 19th centuries, modern architecture and Renault’s pre-World War I heritage as a luxury car.

 EZ Ultimo’s gull-wing doors slide to reveal a modern and lavishly designed interior.The “first class lounge” is constructed from high-end materials like marble and leather. The car is equipped with level 4 autonomous driving capability on the SAE 5-level scale, using a range of sensors:radar, lidar and ultrasonic, to navigate and gather info about traffic.

To get a feel for the sophisticated opulence the car offers, you need to see it for yourself:

Credits: Renault

Credits: Renault

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