Rejoice! Windows Finally Supports RAR Files After 28 Years

After a long wait of 28 years, Windows has finally started supporting WinRAR files at the built-in system level, marking a significant milestone for users of the popular archiving tool. This news was reported by TechCrunch, highlighting the delayed integration of WinRAR into the Windows operating system.

According to Microsoft, they have incorporated native support for various archive formats, including tar, 7-zip, rar, gz, and others, utilizing the open-source project libarchive. This integration aims to provide improved performance and enhanced compression functionality for Windows users.

The inclusion of WinRAR support in Windows is a noteworthy event for users who have relied on third-party software or dedicated tools to handle .rar files. Shareware first emerged in 1995, and it has taken nearly three decades for Windows to officially support this widely used archiving format at the system level.

During the 1990s, WinRAR competed with several other file compression programs to enable efficient file transfer over the slow internet speeds of that era. However, with the rapid advancements in disk capacity and bandwidth, the necessity for such programs has diminished over time. Moreover, the availability of standards and open-source alternatives like libarchive has further contributed to the evolution of file compression tools.

WinRAR, known for its impressive compression ratio and speed, allows users to create archives in RAR and ZIP formats. With 45 languages available, including Ukrainian, WinRAR has gained popularity worldwide.

WinRAR’s inclusion in Windows shows the ever-changing nature of operating systems and their responsiveness to user demands. Windows intends to simplify the archiving process for its customers and reduce the need for extra software installs by including built-in support for WinRAR files.

This update adds ease and simplicity to long-time Windows users, allowing them to operate more fluidly with WinRAR files. Windows users may now experience the benefits of WinRAR straight from their operating system, whether it’s compressing files for efficient storage or retrieving archived material.

As technology continues to advance, it is crucial for operating systems to embrace popular file formats and adapt to changing user requirements. Windows’ inclusion of WinRAR support is a step in the right direction, enhancing the overall user experience and aligning with the evolving landscape of file compression tools.

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