GoSun Grill Uses Solar Energy To Cook Any Meal In Half The Time

Gosun Grill

The ‘GoSun Grill’ is a revolutionary cooking equipment that can bake, roast, steam, and fry anything using solar power! The grill can cook food for up to 8 people at one time, and its state of the art solar vacuum tube absorbs sunlight and acts as an insulator to raise the temperature as high as 500°F (260°C)  and cook even when the sun goes down using its thermal battery technology. The creators claim the grill can cook a meal as fast as in 10 minutes, but the time can vary depending on the food and conditions


The grill is portable and can be taken anywhere from your kicthen to the deck, a park or even a boat by simply folding and packing. It also requires no monitoring, and since it doesn’t use any coal, there’s no need to clean up the carbon crud.


GoSun Grill has incorporated “Thermal Battery”, which is a break-through technology that can capture the solar energy for the times it is hindered by rain, night or inclement weather. Click here for a more in depth explanation.


The creators elaborate on the technology on their Kickstarter page,

“The battery was inspired by our work in Guatemala during its extensive rainy season. Our pilot study’s participants used the stoves daily, but needed a solution that could cook in the afternoon rain. What started as a simple sand filled battery, became the subject of a year long exploration to find a medium that could absorb large amounts of heat and emit that heat at an even temperature for optimal cooking.”

The GoSun Grill costs $799. You can learn more about it on their Kickstarter page.

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