Reinvent Your Breakfasts with Teddy Bear Toast Stamp

Teddy Bear Toast Stamp4

We all know that there have been quite strange inventions that came from Japan over time, but at times Japan surprises us with stuff that is adorably cute. Today’s post is about one such gadget that can be called as cuteness personified. Say hello to the Teddy-bear Toast Stamp. The stamp comes from a Japanese company by the name of Tokyu Hands and aims at improving the breakfast experience.Teddy Bear Toast Stamp

The gadget is basically a mold that is pressed against the bread in order to extract a bear shape out of the same old square bread piece. The stamp is also accompanied by 3 cute bear expressions that can be used in conjunction with the bear shape. The user can even impart decorative additions to the bear as well such as bowtie, crown or a heart. Once the prep work is done, you need to put it in the toaster and there you have it folks; a refreshing and creative breakfast ready within minutes.Teddy Bear Toast Stamp2 Teddy Bear Toast Stamp3 Teddy Bear Toast Stamp5

We believe that such gadgets would really prove helpful if you are aiming to lessen the tantrums in the morning by kids while also exciting you during the breakfast period. A day started with a smile-breakfast can’t possibly go wrong. let us know what you think of this gadget in the comments section!

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