Refresh Your Apartment On A Budget Without Losing A Deposit

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Your living space is your sanctuary. It’s a little piece of the world you’ve mapped out and declared your own – a place where you can express your individuality. 

Whether you’ve just moved in or feel like it’s time for a change, there are countless ways to add zest without breaking the bank or your lease agreement.

Before you go looking for apartments in Grand Prairie or anywhere else, brainstorm how you can bring the ‘wow’ factor to your current abode.

Sure, you might not be able to tear down walls and refurbish the kitchen, but there’s still plenty you can do on a budget to breathe new life into your dwelling – all while keeping your landlord happy and your deposit safe. 

Check out these top 7 ways to refresh your apartment on a budget.

Reinvent Your Rental

Before you spend a dime, take stock of your apartment and see what you can rearrange. A piece of furniture in a different place can change the tone of an entire room. 

The same is true for decorative pieces. By playing around, you’ll find ways to reinvent your layout and declutter your space effectively. 

This also gives you a better idea of what areas could do with a revamp. It costs nothing, and the results might just surprise you. 

The Peel & Stick Trick

Repainting walls is usually out of the question with rentals, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for the drab color scheme your landlord picked out. 

Peel and stick wallpaper, decals, and tiles open up a world of possibilities while keeping your deposit intact.

You can find just about any design – from traditional earthy tones and floral motifs to geometric patterns. 

It’s not only inexpensive and easy to apply (and remove), it’s super versatile too. Use peel and sticks to rejuvenate your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. 

Light up Your Living Space

Lighting makes a massive difference in your home. A few tweaks here and there can add dimension and atmosphere. 

Floor lamps take advantage of height and bring a homely feel into your apartment while table lamps are fantastic for small, dark corners. You can even use fairy lights to create a soft, serene vibe. 

There are loads of affordable options at big stores and online. Alternatively, switch out your dusty old lamp shades for new modern ones. 

The Curtain Call

Curtains are an integral part of your decor. They set the tone and dictate the flow of natural light. With various styles, trims, textures, and colors, you can find something that suits your space perfectly. 

However, they can be somewhat pricey. For a cheaper solution, try changing your curtains around, or swapping your current ones for the ones packed away. Get creative and work with what you have. 

You can also use tie-backs. Ranging from ribbon, lace, link-chain, sailor-rope, and more, it’s an ingenious way to add an accent, with minimal cost and effort.

Play Around With Plants 

Invest in pot plants to revitalize your apartment. They don’t take up a lot of room, making them ideal for small abodes.

Mother Nature’s bounty provides you with countless options that aren’t only affordable, but also look great.

However, plants require maintenance, so it’s best to choose ones that fit with your lifestyle. Place them strategically according to their needs.

Besides aesthetic reasons, plants provide other benefits, too. They purify the air, act as a humidifier, and according to some studies, they can even improve your health. 

Here are a few ideas for each room in your apartment:


Herbs bring panache to your kitchen and serve culinary purposes too. Rosemary, thyme, and oregano grow easily from young plants, while herbs like mint and basil sprout from cuttings placed in a glass of water.

Other popular indoor herbs include lemongrass, bay laurel, sage, and cilantro.

Living Room

Lavender, while technically also a herb, makes for a stunning houseplant. Apart from its soothing effects and multipurpose qualities, it’ll give mundane spaces like tables, window sills, and bookshelves a pop of color.

You can buy seedlings or plant lavender from scratch if you’re up for the challenge. 

For some low-maintenance greenery, spider plants, Chinese evergreens, and Boston ferns are all excellent choices. 


Spruce up your bedroom with colorful plants like moth orchids, peace lilies, and Gerber daisies.

If you want more muted tones, succulents like hens-and-chicks, panda plants, and crown of thorns are pretty easy to maintain and offer a bohemian, earthy feel.


Ferns like the maidenhair and bird’s nest variety enjoy the humid conditions of a bathroom, while begonias and Christmas cacti are more exquisite options. Place them in corners, on shelves, or next to the tub.

The Small Things

Small items have a significant impact. For walls, go with nails-free adhesives to hang your artwork and photo frames. Mirrors also create the illusion of space – perfect for stuffy, cramped areas.  

Textiles are another brilliant way to liven up your apartment without risking your security deposit. Think colorful scatter cushions, bold rugs, and flamboyant throws. Use them to cozy up your rooms, make a statement, or add flair.

For a stylish yet functional approach in the kitchen, funky gadgets and glass canisters serve well, while a vase with fresh flowers compliments a counter beautifully. 

Lastly, place candles in key areas to create ambiance. You can even use them to bring back memories with spiced pumpkin pie or peach cobbler scented varieties. They’re inexpensive, come in various shapes and sizes, and will make your apartment smell like a dream. 

The Final Touch

Subtle tricks like swapping out old door knobs and handles, putting up hooks, and changing light switch covers are an excellent final touch.

Let Your Creativity Flow

As you can see, you don’t need a small fortune to refresh, redesign, and revamp your rental. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and have fun – without losing your deposit.


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