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Reduce Your Electricity Bills With New Solar Roof Tiles

Solar power is the new “in” thing these days. It’s free, it’s clean and it’s abundant. So, what better use than to employ this free energy at home? Solar energy has been around since the dawn of man and it has probably been harnessed by civilizations before ours. Only recently, have we explored solar energy as an alternative to non-renewable energy. The Scandinavia, Germany and now China are swiftly developing solar energy tools to utilize maximum possible energy in the cheapest possible way.

A popular invention of the recent century is the ‘solar cell’ which is basically a semi-conductor material that converts solar energy to electrical energy. Solar cells gave birth to the concept of solar cars, solar heaters and solar parks. Recently, these cells have found their way into residential dwellings too!

Now you can simply turn your roof into a solar module using these solar cells and harness sun’s unlimited energy for no cost. Although, we do agree that the cells are costly but it is a one time investment and specially if you live in tropical or equatorial regions, the investment can be worth it.

One thing to keep in mind while you are planning to install solar cells on your rooftop is the orientation angle. The orientation angle is the particular angle of the rooftop, intensity of incoming radiations will depend on this angle. In order to maximize the energy, the orientation angle should be such that solar radiations make maximum contact with the roof.

These amazing and good looking cells can help you cut down on your energy bill. Of course when you are using solar power for half or even all of the appliances at home, the national grid cannot charge you much. Another useful advantage of solar modules is their easy availability whenever you are out of power (because solar power is a 24 hours service).

Many people are quickly turning their house roofs into solar panels and cutting down on their energy bills efficiently. Considering the global climate change and carbon footprint, anthropogenic activities are causing, we all can put in little efforts like buying solar cells, to help mitigate the environmental problem. Imagine how the environment can benefit if all the millions of people in the US alone shift to green energy. Not to mention, the roof looks spectacular with these solar cells. See for yourself.