Reddit Cofounder Says His Cybertruck Is The First Vehicle That Feels Comfortable To Drive As A Tall Person

Renowned Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian stands out as one of the inaugural Tesla Cybertruck recipients, expressing unabashed admiration for the unconventional electric vehicle. At the November 30 launch event in Austin, Texas, where the first Cybertrucks were handed over to a select few, Ohanian, accompanied by VC founder Phillip Sarofim, embraced the distinctive design that has stirred both fascination and critique.

Ohanian didn’t hesitate to share his enthusiasm for the Cybertruck’s unique attributes. Despite its polarizing design, he asserted his love for the vehicle, highlighting its superior handling compared to his Tesla Model X and its spacious interior, capable of accommodating his two children and two giant dogs.

Describing the Cybertruck as a “futuristic feeling,” Ohanian drew a parallel to the fictional armored tactical vehicle, the APC, from the movie “Aliens.” The tech entrepreneur emphasized that, as a more significant individual, the Cybertruck is the first car that truly feels comfortable to him. In a video post, he praised the vehicle’s smooth performance, appealing scent, and manageable size.

When asked about the Cybertruck’s distinctive feature—the notably large windshield wiper—Ohanian labeled it “MASSIVE,” adding to the vehicle’s intrigue. His endorsement of the Cybertruck, known for its unconventional aesthetics, adds a notable voice to the ongoing conversation surrounding Tesla’s latest creation.

In contrast, Ohanian’s wife, tennis star Serena Williams, reaffirms her loyalty to a different automaker, Lincoln, with whom she has had a longstanding partnership. Despite Ohanian’s Tesla allegiance, he appears in photos with the Lincoln, showcasing the couple’s diverse automotive preferences.

In the evolving landscape of electric vehicles, Ohanian’s endorsement of the Cybertruck emphasizes the vehicle’s appeal and adds a touch of celebrity influence to Tesla’s innovative design choices.

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