Recover Your Lost Data Easily

Post-Pandemic, our lives are entirely based on the digital world where storing data and managing them has been a matter of grave concern. We have often faced problems managing our data especially recovering lost data from pc or any storage device. In this article, we will give you a walk on recovering deleted files from pc.

Instances where data can be deleted

Before knowing more about recovering deleted files, we should be aware of why data can be deleted. So here are so of the most common reasons why the files in our device get permanently deleted.

  • Due to virus malfunction or virus attack, all our files can be deleted
  • Any damage to your hard drive can result in permanent loss of your files
  • If your device faces issues 
  • Also, it can be you who delete the files by accident.

All these can result in heavy losses. However, there are few solutions that you can look up.

Recover Permanently Deleted File

If you have accidentally deleted all your files and want to recover them, then you should know few things. Suppose you are using Windows 10, and your data is deleted. In that case, you should immediately stop using your device because any data stored after this will be overwritten, and your old files will not have the scope to be retrieved again.

The process to Recover the Files

Now that we have established that it is possible to recover deleted files from a PC, we will first look at recovering them on Windows 10. Here are few methods that you should try out.

Method 1: Try File History

– Go to the file location that you want to recover the files.

– Right-click and go to History

– Locate the files and click restore

This will help you restore the files.

Method 2: Take help from Previous Versions

  • For this, locate the folder where the deleted files were located
  • Then click on folder and properties
  • Click “Restore Previous Versions,” It will restore the previous versions of the files for you.

If this does not work, then you can create a new folder of the same name and apply the methods stated above once again.

These two methods are entirely based on Windows 10, and if this does not work, you have to use special software that will recover all your lost files instantly.

Use the Wondershare Recoverit Software

Since Windows 10 could not retrieve your lost files, it is time you give Wondershare Recoverit a chance to recover all your valuable files. Follow these simple steps, and you will be able to recover your files very quickly.

Step 1: Install the Software

The Wondershare Recoverit software is available on the Official website of Wondershare and is free to use the software. You can go to the official website, choose the version for your Operating System and Install the software.

After installing, you need to launch it and choose the location of your deleted files.


Step 2: Scanning the Location

Once installed, you have to click on the start button, and the software will scan through all those portions on your PC selected by you.


Step 3: Preview and Recover

This is the final step, and it can be a little strenuous. However, you have to preview each file separately and recover the ones needed. Once you are done with the preview, select all those files that need to be healed and choose “Recover.” Following this, choose the path you want to store this file too, and the files will be restored.


So these are the three easy steps that you will require to recover your lost files with the help of Wondershare Recoverit.

Using Recovery Software 

You may be thinking if you should use software to retrieve your data. We must ensure you that Wondershare Recoverit works most of the time when you have tried the conventional way, and it is not working out. Other than this, you can also try out software, i.e., Windows File Recovery Software.

For this, you should follow these steps:

Step 1: Install the Windows File Recovery software from the official website and launch it.

Step 2: Type the command info C: D: /n \Users\XX\Documents\Reports\restorebackup.docx and press enter. However, put the name of your file that needs to be restored in place of the file name in that command.

Step 3: For multiple files, recovery types the following command info C: D: /n \Users\XX\Documents\Reports\restorebackup.docx to recover the files from the following folders.

The primary loophole of this system is that you have to remember all the names of your files that is practically impossible.


So we have tried to bring to you various types and methods to deal with data and file recovery. At the same time, we have also wanted to show you how powerful a software Wondershare Recoverit is. Hence we urge you to immediately install the software and follow the simple steps to get all your files back to your system.

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