Reasons Why Search Engine Proxies Are So Popular

Buying personal search engine proxies is a good way to quickly solve problems related to website optimization. A search engine proxy is used for scrapping or, so-called parsing, which is used to analyze data, prepare a semantic core, and collect information necessary to promote resources in the issuance of Google and other search engines.

Search engine proxy: Web scraping and SEO

One of the main purposes of using a search engine proxy is to collect information. It is web parsing that allows you to find, process, and organize data according to a specific user request. This opens up new possibilities for finding the right information. So, SEO specialists are engaged in parsing to find the most popular keywords that users enter in the search bar. This allows you to form a semantic core, and prepare publications that will be shown in the top lines of the issue.

During parsing, special software is used. This automates the process of collecting and processing information. Then it is systematized in accordance with the user’s request.

When automatic search and processing of information takes place, this activity raises the suspicion of Google’s defense mechanisms. Site owners are not interested in robots interacting with their sites. Therefore, special security programs are used that complicate parsing on the Internet.

ReCAPTCHA by Google

One of the most famous defense mechanisms of search engines, social networks, and other platforms is the ReCAPTCHA API. The system prompts the user to enter a combination of numbers and letters or select several pictures that match the query.

When ReCaptcha was only introduced into the complex protective mechanisms, this significantly complicated parsing, and other automatic processes.

Now, the corresponding programs allow you to bypass the ReCaptcha. Their correct operation is ensured by mobile proxies. The software works stably and recognizes captchas. But this is not the only advantage of dynamic proxies.

What type of proxy is the best one for parsing?  

Proxies can be of different types, depending on this, their functions may differ, but the main essence of proxy servers is working with an IP address. We can distinguish 2 types of proxies:

  1. Regular proxies. Each computer has its own IP address, which is assigned to it by the provider. When you make a request to a search engine, site owners can easily see this address. In the case when one computer shows strange activity on a particular site, such a user is most often blocked.  This is done in order to exclude the possibility of content theft.
  2. Mobile proxies. This is not only one IP address, but a whole set of addresses that are constantly changing. The user can adjust the speed of changing addresses himself. This type of proxy provides a more secure connection that is completely anonymous. With a mobile proxy, you can work in the field of SEO and marketing without the risk of blocking.

Regular proxies can be paid and free. You need to understand that even paid IP addresses do not promise a reliable connection. This greatly slows down the work of the parser. Mobile proxies will definitely suit you more when we are talking about work with the analysis of a competitive market, dynamically changing proxies for search engines will give you not only comfort in your work, but also complete anonymity. In the case of regular proxies, the automatic search will not be available.

Proxies for Google parsing: what are they for and how many

As mentioned earlier, dynamic mobile proxies for parsing search engines are actively used by users to gain access to blocked resources. Private proxies have become popular, such as Privateproxy provides. They allow you to get the necessary access to sites anonymously.  Accordingly, complete anonymity will be maintained during each search session.

Google scraping proxy helps to bypass both local and regional restrictions when working with Google. For SEO specialists who want to speed up the scraping process, proxies will become indispensable helpers.  The user’s real location is changed. Thus, the proxy eliminates the problems that Google visitors may have. For Google, private IPs will be a great solution for such cases:

  • Opportunity to increase the productivity of SEO optimization. In just a few minutes of work, you can get results. Using a proxy for search engines, you speed up the process of searching for semantic cores just like other processes.
  • Avoid Google Access Restrictions. Using a proxy for search engines, you no longer have to constantly enter “captcha”. You will definitely not encounter blocking and checks.
  • Internet speed will be increased. The server in the cache is able to save data, respectively, when the page is re-requested, it opens many times faster.
  • Moreover, proxies help you protect your personal information from hackers. In the modern world, it plays a huge role, because it affects your material and mental well-being.

The niche of SEO promotion is developing rapidly, so a lot of software is being created to significantly facilitate the work of SEOs.  Parsing proxies are ideal.  Blocking occurs by IP address, so optimizers avoid it by using a proxy server.  Thanks to the proxy, you can:

  •  automate parsing;
  •  eliminate the risks of a ban;
  • bypass blocking and restrictions at the regional level;
  •  make web surfing anonymous.

Search engine proxy – a new alternative to regular proxy servers

Search engine proxies and server proxies have many similarities. But there are also significant differences. The main one is that when hosting a search engine proxy allocates IP addresses from its pool to users. Thus, hundreds of people can connect at the same time. This technology is completely legal. Compared to standard proxies, this technology has tremendous advantages.

The main advantage of search engine proxies is that they are almost never blocked.  Even if this happens suddenly, the trust to the address is quickly restored. This is due to the fact that all users who are at this address are blocked.  This situation is not beneficial for the service provider.  In addition, it is possible to configure on request or automatically change the IP address.

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