Here Is the Reason Behind Different Colored Road Lines

If you have eyes and have ever traveled in a car, you will have probably noticed the different markings on the road as you pass by. Those are more than just markings to make the road look pretty and have specific meanings depending on where you are in the world.

Paying attention to these different colored road lines is important for road safety and we will take a look at the different colored road lines and what they mean. The most common road markings are usually white and yellow and vary between solid lines, broken lines, or a combination of both. Here is what they mean:

Solid White lines mean that you can not change lanes or overtake the car in front of you and need to stick to your line as long as the line continues.

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Broken White line in the middle of the road means that you are allowed to change lanes and overtake the car ahead of you.

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Solid Yellow lines can mean two things. If it is adjacent to the curb, it means you can not park your car there. In some countries, it is placed in the middle of the road and serves the same purpose as a solid white line.

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Double Yellow lines in the middle of the road mean that you can overtake or change lanes but it is not advised and may be dangerous to do so. Some countries like the UK have these lines next to the curb and indicate that you can wait there but parking is not permitted.

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Solid and Broken Yellow is seen in some places. It serves the same purpose as the individual lines. The cars on the side of the solid line need to stay in their lane while the cars on the other side are permitted to change lanes.

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Some countries also have red, blue or green lines as well. These are nothing to worry about and carry the same meaning as their white and yellow counterparts.

Solid Blue Lines can mean different things depending on the part of the world you are in. In New Zealand, these lines are present on coastlines and indicate major evacuation zones. On the other hand, a solid blue line in California painted on the curb means that a disabled person can park there.

In many parts of the UK, Solid Red Lines operate similarly to solid yellow lines. When placed along the side of the road they indicate that parking and stopping are not permitted. However, if you are a taxi driver or a blue badge holder these rules do not apply.

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There is talk going around about removing the different colored road lines altogether as some researches show that drivers drive more slowly and carefully in the absence of these markings. It might happen sometime in the future. But, for now, it is important to know what these lines mean and to follow them for road safety.

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