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Razor’s Crazy Cart XL Is The Coolest Go-Cart That You Can Drive As Adults

Razor Crazy Cart XL – Rejoice Adults

We all have a kid inside us, metaphorically speaking, right? Most of the times this kid wants to try out really cool toys but can’t, because of the size problem. One such toy was the Crazy Cart from Razor that could only take 140lbs when it came to weight. We know a lot of adults wanted to try it and well, now they can, because Razor has released a Crazy Cart XL. This version is bigger and more powerful therefore, rendering itself as the perfect toy for adults.Razor Crazy Cart XL – Rejoice Adults4

That’s not all that the Razor Crazy Cart has to offer. It is capable of switching between a drifting cart and a go-cart. The cart makes use of an electric motor and has a single wheel located at the front, which can turn 180 degrees while sporting twin castor wheels on the back. When in go-cart mode, the castors get mounted on such an angle at which they follow the front wheel’s lead. The drift bar can be lifted up and, subsequently, the cart is raised up above the casters thus removing the angle from the equation. As a result, the chassis rotates on the front wheel.

Crazy Cart’s latest edition has a length of 44 inches and a width of 30 inches. The model is much larger than the predecessor (length: 37 inches and width: 24 inches). The motor that powers the cart is a 500W motor enabling the cart to reach a speed of 17 mph. The drift bar makes uses a dual link setup making it easier to lift the driver’s weight up. The castors are made from aluminum and are quite sturdy in terms of built. The cart’s battery is a 36-volt battery and sits underneath its seat and can be replaced by making the seat tilt forward followed by removing the wire clips. As per Razor, the cart will be available in December with a price tag of $799.

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