Is Raising Your Phone Towards The Sky To Get Better Cell Reception A Good Idea? Mystery Solved


We have all been in a situation where that signal bar shows no service. It’s frustrating to have no cell reception. What do we do in that case? Our first instinct is to raise the phone over our heads as high as we can. Does anyone know why we do that? Are we hoping for some divine intervention? Nobody knows why we do it, we just do it.

Lin Zhong, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Rice University said that it does not help in any way. Lin says that cell reception is mostly homogenous around us so waving the phone around like a crazy person will not do anyone any good.

(Source: Daily Mail)

However, he did say that walking around might be of help. Especially in a city, the cell reception is affected by the buildings and even walking a few feet might help you get those elusive bars. You can see what the professor had to say in the video here.


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