These Rage Rooms In Canada Will Let You Smash Things To Relive Anger And Stress

Not everyone can deal with anger in the brightest of ways, and most people can lose enough control to throw and break things. Honestly, breaking and smashing things does help with the stress and brings down the anger. Sadly, you cannot afford to break down the expensive gadgets like your TV or even a vase. If you get that angry too often, we suggest you take anger management classes. However, a recreation center in Canada has a better solution for your skyrocketing rage.

The rage room called Thundrdome in Calgary lets their guests smash anything they want. Specifically, only things but not people in any case. No rocket science there. Punteha Farzadmanesh, the company’s director, tells us more about the rage room,

“You go in and get to smash stuff.”

Relieving your anger will cost you some money, but may save your sanity, so it might just be worth it. Beginning at $20, you can smash whatever you like (*wink wink* your cheating spouse’s stuff that they left behind). If you cannot get your hands on something smashable, Thundrdome will arrange it for you for some extra bucks. An additional $35 will get you 8 small, 5 medium, and three large items. You can upgrade to the office-themed package at $45 that will let you release all that built up frustration of being underappreciated.

Sadly, only the adults have a right to smash things for anger therapy. If you are 18 or under, settle with a little boxing bag maybe?! There are many other options if you like breaking things just for fun. People are super excited already, at least that is what Farzadmanesh says,

“The feedback we are getting is unreal. Everyone is so excited, so happy.”

Thundrdome will allow you to choose a package of your choice, and an instructor will detail the rules of the Rage Room.

“We provide full-blown protective gear. You wear a face mask, chest protector, coveralls, gloves and you must have closed-toe shoes. A lot of people with desk jobs are excited to smash printers. You are also able to bring your breakable items to the facility. However, we like to inspect them just to make sure there is nothing harmful.”

Calgary is not the first place to offer a Rage Room. There are hundreds around the world in many countries including Australia, Singapore,  Budapest, and the number is continuing to rise. However, one rule remains common among all of them; you cannot hit another person with your trash.

Destruction therapy has been around for centuries, but now scientists are giving it more attention. A Spanish entrepreneur came up with “Destructotherapy” in 2003, helping his employees let their anger out safely. The popular scene from Office Space has taken the idea to a much higher level.

Here is a video for a rage room in Hungary.

Do you wish to visit a Rage Room so you can relieve the frustration that has been building inside you for years? Oh! Just even looking at this is so relaxing, no?

The best solution for your anger issues!

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