Qylatron Is A New Security Machine That Can Cater To Five People Simultaneously

The Qylatron 2

Who doesn’t care about their safety? However, when you are standing in a long queue to attend an event or to board a plane; the safety procedures designed for your own safety may feel like a burden that is just too much to bear. That is where the new security checkpoint, akin to a hi-tech honeycomb, comes into the picture with the claim of speeding up the entire security check process. The effectiveness of this machine has already been proven at the Arena da Baixada stadium in Curitiba, Brazil.The Qylatron

This device is capable of scanning the contents of bags within seconds and can detect for weapons and chemicals without having to ask people to open the bags up. The machine is also capable of processing tickets for the event and can cater to 5 persons simultaneously. The device comes from Qylur Security Systems that is based in Silicon Valley, California made use of the Qylatron Entry Experience Solution at World cup 2014 stadium with a capacity of 43,900 for security screening purpose.The Qylatron 5

The Director for Agogo Marketing Promocional –security organizer for the World Cup Stadiums -, Hugo Ramos, says; ‘The Qylatron automated detection system not only provided highly reliable bag screening, it also put fans “back in charge” of their own belongings as the nature of the Qylatron allowed fans to place their items into the honeycomb shaped device – that conducts five concurrent bag scans – and expedite their entry into the stadium. Rather than having stadium officials hand search personal bags, the Qylatron protects the personal dignity of fans and preserves the entertaining aspects of mass sporting events like the World Cup.’The Qylatron 3

The design of this system has been carried out with a single aim; to speed up the process of security screening for large number of people without compromising on quality and by removing any human error from the equation. The device works quite simply; you open the door in hexagon and place the bag inside. Walk around to the other side of the device (during these mere seconds your bags have been scanned) and tickets have been processed. The company has claimed that their device is the first one that combines ticketing, initial greeting and security screening together while cutting security costs by up to 50%. The exact working principle, as expected, has not been revealed. However, it does say; ‘It is equipped with an intelligent, threat-learning engine and ongoing updates, the Qylatron is able to respond to ever-evolving threats, both locally and globally.’The Qylatron 4

According to Lisa Dolev, CEO and founder of Oylur; ‘We heard from dozens of soccer fans at the World Cup about how much fun they had personally interacting with the Qylatron. This is especially gratifying as it validates the core principle of why I founded Qylur — to preserve human liberty while offering the most advanced security-screening technology in the industry.’

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