Should We Walk Or Run In Rain To Stay Dry? This Video Gives The Technical Answer

If you ever got caught in the unexpected rain without an umbrella, your first instinct would be to run as fast as you can. Many of you have done that for years. But then, some people just suddenly started to tell you that you would be catching more rain if you run, instead of walking. What to do then? Who would you listen to now? How to solve this excruciating confusion and move on with the right answer?

Got trapped in the rain? Just fly away, but let us accept that it is impossible, so now you have to choose between walking or running. Dancing in the rain is the best option, but what if you are trying to get to an important meeting in some fancy suit? You’d rather prefer to avoid that atleast.

You want to stay dry and still reach your destination in time. Watch the video below to get your answer. If you do not want to risk stepping into a puddle and slip, while breaking your neck and dying a miserable death, just don’t get out of the house, ever.

However, this particular statement comes with ‘Do not try this in your life ever’ label.

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