Putin’s Presidential Limo Involved In A Horrific Crash In Moscow, Chauffeur Killed


In an unfortunate accident, a black BMW 7-Series which belonged to Russia’s Federation Council – Russia’s equivalent of the House of Lords, was involved in a head-on collision in Moscow with a Mercedes CLS. The BMW 7 Series was being driven by one of Vladimir Putin’s official drivers. The driver was instantly killed, while the Mercedes driver suffered critical injuries and has been sent to a hospital.

The driver was later identified as Putin’s favourite driver, as reported by the Russian media. The Russian President was confirmed to be safe, as he was not in the car during the accident.

Soon after a CCTV footage taken on the Kutuzovsky Avenue was released revealing the mysterious loss of control of the Mercedes CLS driver. The car can be clearly seen crossing over from the opposite side of the road before colliding with the presidential BMW 7-Series head on at high-speed.

The medics claim that the driver was killed on the spot, although they arrived on the scene very promptly. The name of the Mercedes driver neither the official chauffeur has been revealed, although it’s reported that he had more than 40 years of driving experience as an official driver.

The incident has raised fears over the Russian premier’s safety, and the police are investigating the cause of the accident considering all aspects, including a possibility of sabotage.


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