Purple Island Is South Korea’s New Travel Sensation

Since the 21st century, we all have been listening about South Korea’s sensational K-pop culture, especially in music. Another sensational spot located in the beautiful Sinan County in South Jeolla province is Banwol Island now famous as The Purple Island. It’s one of the most stunning & Instagram worthy destinations to visit in South Korea.

It’s an absolute treat for the eyes, especially for the people who are in love with colors. Whenever we hear about an Island, it fascinates our minds. Imagine visiting an island that seems to be out of this world as almost everything has been painted purple.

It is also known as the half-moon island and is a famous spot for honeymoons. It adds to the charm of the island despite its uniqueness as almost everything is purple. The authorities have planted nearly 40,000 lavender plants & thousands of empress trees adding to the purple theme for this picture-perfect isle.

These two stretches of land connected with a purple bathed bridge will turn your blue world to purple the moment you would reach the purple bridge on a bus from Anjwa village. Staying in a purple walled room costs nearly around $40, and renting a bike to roam around the isles costs around $5, making it a very cost-effective and fun-filled visit. You can walk on a purple road alongside the sea with a beautiful sunset. Since August 2019, when the work on bathing this isle in purple started until now, it has taken rounds of trending Instagram pictures, and people are just only in love with this transformation.

The sea always provides a scenic view & a quiet place to relax with your loved ones. There’s always something new to expect with your travel destinations & this one for sure would be a memorable experience.

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