Firefighter Makes A DIY Pneumatic Pump To Rescue Puppy Stuck In A Hole For 11 Days


This is why “Trust me, I’m an engineer” shirts got so popular! A stray dog got stuck in a borehole, and despite all efforts and techniques, the poor fellow remained there for 11 days until an engineering genius finally rescued it.

The 3-month-old puppy named Kuyu, (which is “well” in Turkish) got stuck in a pit 30 centimeters wide. After his moaning and screeching, the locals gathered around, and soon enough, the rescue teams arrived there to take it out. Despite all their efforts, the dog was stranded at the wider bottom of the hole and was unreachable without the help of a contraption.

Pic Credits: dailysabah

The people kept feeding it for the 11 days it remained in the hole, but all the rigged up methods such as using a lasso rope and even a high school robotic arm failed to reach the dog. Finally “Turkish Hard Coal Enterprises,” a state-owned mining company, saved the day; whose firefighter named Veysel Sivri came up with a homemade technology that got Kuyu out.

Pic Credits: dailysabah

Veysel made a quick pneumatic piston-cylinder pump to blow air into the hole. The pump was then connected to a controller attached to a night-vision camera, which was dropped inside the hole. He narrated the mission rescue to the Daily Sabah:

“It can operate freely in a narrow space, and after some hours, we managed to corner (the scared) dog in a corner, and with a lasso (similar to a leash) grabbed it by the neck. Then we pulled it to safety.”

You can watch the rescue mission in the video below:

Street dogs are common in Istanbul, and the city saw thousands of protesters taking the streets when the authorities decided to euthanize some of them. The current rescue mission also shows how much the city’s inhabitant treasure their animals.

The coordinator for the Animal Rights Confederation in Istanbul, noted something deeper out of the incident,

“We see that people now value animals as much as human beings in Turkey; we see a public more aware of animals.”

Kuyu is now living in his new home at the Beykoz Municipality Fire Department.

Pic Credits: dailysabah

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