Pull Clean Is A Door Handle That Sanitizes Your Hands Every Time You Pull It


Once you are done in the bathroom at office, you wash your hands carefully and in order to keep your hands safe from the bacteria on the door handle of the bathroom, you use a paper towel. Pleased with your problem-solving skills, you walk back to your desk but are faced with yet another problem when you find two more door handles laden with bacteria without a nearby paper towel dispenser. The only solution to this problem is either to be that sort of person who keeps a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer, take along some paper towels from the bathroom to use them on the way to your desk or you can use ‘PullClean’. It is a kind of door handle that disinfects your hands when you use it.Pullclean

Carrying travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer might be an easy solution for you but for people like medical staff, it is not an effective solution. The infections given by hospital itself are called Hospital Acquired Infections and it is a very critical issue in the field of medicine. These infections can be reduced by using PullClean. It is possible to forget about your small bottle of sanitizer but if all doors around you have the special hand sanitizer dispenser, then disinfecting your hands would become as simple as walking from room to room.Pullclean3 Pullclean4

PullClean is not merely a long tube of sanitizer that looks like a door handle but is basically a very smart handle. A CountClean software is coupled with the handle which keeps a check on sanitizing rates, how much liquid is left in the cartridge, and when the cartridge should be changed. On the whole, PullClean does all the management for you.Pullclean5

At the moment, you can get a PullClean system for $200 before it is set out on sale later this year. PullClean would be an excellent item on the doors of the bathrooms around the world, however, its copywriting emphasises on medical environments. Check out the video below for more information.

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